St Ives

1st Floor Addition


  • Alteration to upper level floor plan
  • Alterations to roof design
  • New external weatherboard cladding
  • New windows
  • New Colour-bond roof

The main objective for this project was to increase the size of the three bedrooms on the first floor and to improve the street appeal of the home. As you can see from the photos, it was an incredible transformation.

The existing bedrooms were small and had low-pitched ceilings. By pushing the front wall out 700 millimetres, making the front external wall vertical and the windows larger – it converted each bedroom into a much more liveable space.

The dramatic improvement to the home’s street appeal was achieved by removing the old 60-degree pitched roof and boxed out windows, and rebuilding the front wall. Replacing the old concrete roof tiles and replacing them with Colorbond really showcased the new rooflines. New weatherboards also made a huge difference to the aesthetic appeal of the exterior.