Lane Cove

Outdoor Entertaining Area


  • Alterations to outdoor entertaining area
  • Addition to outdoor entertaining area

This three bedroom Lane Cove townhouse was set against a bush outlook and had an existing outdoor deck that was only 2 metres wide, which was not really a usable space.

With a small amount of living space inside, the client wanted to add a large outdoor room – not only as a place to BBQ and eat – but also to use as an additional living area all year round.

We removed the existing 2 metre wide sliding door and installed a new 3.5 metre stacker door to lead out to the new outdoor area.

We extended the existing deck by an extra 5 metres with a 4 metre high elevation. This gave the stunning illusion that you were living suspended in the trees.

An outdoor kitchen with a BBQ, sink and bar fridge was added to one side of the deck, which gave the additional benefit of privacy from the neighbours.

Glass handrails were used so that the impressive views remained unobstructed.

Exterior blinds to block out the cold from the windows, and four outdoor ceiling heaters, were installed. The provision of these comfort measures allows the versatile zone we produced to be enjoyed in all seasons.