Modern Rebuild


  • Major rebuild
  • 1st floor addition
  • 5 bedrooms 4 Bathrooms
  • Open plan living
  • 3 outdoor living areas
  • Pool Renovation

This was our second project for this client in Wahroonga. The brief was to create a modern home with clean lines, catering for low maintenance living.

Working with an old 1950 double brick Art Deco home was not without challenges. However, the transformation was remarkable and certainly not reminiscent of the tired old house it once used to be.

We removed the entire first floor and all the windows and doors, leaving just a bare shell in its place. A large addition was added to the north facing side to capture the sunlight during cooler months. To add to the grandeur of this main living area, 3.6 metre high windows were installed to run the length of the room. This ultimately became the highlight of the project.

Four large bedrooms were added to the first floor with ceiling height windows and access to balconies. Now each bedroom has great views that invite the ambient natural light in.

The existing curved staircase was a great feature, but needed work as it was made with an old cast metal handrail. This was out-dated so we changed it to a simple plain white handrail, to draw the eye to the first floor.

With an existing concrete pool to the east, we added a large flat roof extending from the house to create an outdoor living area, including six generous skylights to let natural light through. Like the rest of the house, the pool required a renovation. The existing red clay tiles were removed and the pool coping was replaced with large light grey tiles. The interior of the pool was re-lined with light blue and clear glass beads, to make the pool sparkle when the beads reflect with natural light.